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FORUM 2019

Artificial Intelligence & Business Evolution

What does Artificial Intelligence mean

for me and for my business?

Everybody talks about Artificial Intelligence and its potential to drastically change our world.

But what exactly does it mean for us and our organisations?

The objective of the Forum is to stimulate strategic reflections on external changes that matter for organisations that want to be prepared for the future.

The Executive Forum provides an opportunity to reflect, dialogue with peers and hear from insightful speakers on this topic, focusing on different aspects…

Executive Forum

A.I. & Business Environment

The Executive Forum on A.I. & Business Environment took place in Lugano 7-8 March. 25 participants from a range of industries and various backgrounds engaged in rich learning conversations around artificial intelligence and its implications, stimulated by inputs from 3 distinguished speakers.

Executive Forum JuPantaRhei

Executive Forum

A.I. & Decision-Making
23-24 May 2019 / Zurich, Switzerland

Participants will gain a deep and shared understanding of what A.I. technologies are capable of and how these can be deployed to support, enable or completely modify decision-making processes relevant to their organisations and the societies they operate in.

Executive Forum

A.I. & New Dilemmas
19-20 September 2019 / Milan, Italy

Whilst some existing dilemmas are surfaced more explicitly through A.I., this Forum will focus mainly on newly arising – often ethical – dilemmas that need to be managed as a consequence of introducing A.I., both inside organisations and in society at large.

The Forums, of 1,5 days each, are a facilitated dialogue amongst peers and an exchange of ideas with global as well as local experts that bring their insights both from an academic as well as an entrepreneurial/business application perspective.

If you are an executive or senior manager, from any industry or functional background, who wants to learn more about or take part in this exclusive series of encounters please request the brochure and send us the filled enrolment form.