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FORUM 2019

Artificial Intelligence & Business Evolution

Executive Forum 2019: A.I. & New Dilemmas /
19-20 September 2019 / Milan, Italy

How is A.I. transforming our business & society?

Whilst some existing dilemmas are surfaced more explicitly through A.I., this Forum will focus mainly on newly arising – often ethical – dilemmas that need to be managed as a consequence of introducing A.I., both inside organisations and in society at large.

Everybody has heard about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and its potential to drastically change our world. These developments are structural, societal and every sector of the economy is faced with its effects.

But what exactly does it mean for us and our organizations?

The Executive Forum 2019 provides an opportunity to reflect, engage and dialogue with peers and hear from insightful speakers on A.I.

Thanks to the facilitated dialogue with peers, knowledge is geared to provide more clarity and a deeper understanding of:

• A.I. technologies, their potential and business applications
• What the future may hold
• A.I.’s impact on me, my business and my organisation

Ask yourself: Do I understand the change and its implications? Do I feel ready to take informed decisions? Do I understand the bigger picture? Can I walk the talk?

If you are an executive or senior manager, from any industry or functional background, who wants to learn more about or take part in this exclusive encounter of 1.5 days, please request the brochure and write us to book your seat!

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