Year: 2022

Envisioning the Future of Robotics

Envisioning the Future of Robotics When we talk about the future of robotics, we need to be aware that the future is now. We are living in an era of endless innovation, where many things that you would mention as the “distant future” are already being invented and tested somewhere in the world. To a […]

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Deepfakes – what are they and why should we care?

Deepfakes – what are they and why should we care? You may or may not have heard about deepfakes already. These are fake audio or video files showing situations or conversations that never really happened, something like a photoshopped picture, but potentially much more dangerous. But how can a fake video be dangerous, and why […]

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AI and Design

AI and Design Artificial intelligence has already entered every industry we can imagine, changing and making us adapt to new technologies and circumstances. In the arts and creative industries this transition is quite specific since the human creative processes can’t be directly replaced with AI, but rather enhanced and optimized. In previous articles we talked […]

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