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A.I. Different Vision

AI: Different views about AI impact​ One of the biggest fears is that AI will take over and humans will not be in control any longer. During the Forum in Lugano participants explored how humans and AI can collaborate instead of compete, focusing on each other’s particular strengths. EXECUTIVE FORUM 2019 / A.I. & BUSINESS […]

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A.I. Complex World

AI: Toward a complex world​ Complexity is one of the key features of our reality. We are living in a VUCA work (volatile, unpredictable, complex, ambiguous) where everything changes constantly. The world operates as a complex system. During the Executive Forum in Lugano participants have looked at the business environment and explored how complex adaptive […]

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Dealing with A.I.

Dealing with AI in organisations​ During the Executive Forum in Lugano participants looked at AI and its impact on organisations and society. They have explored the potentialities of AI as well as the risks. Here are some key insights that emerged from speakers’ inputs and participants’ contributions. EXECUTIVE FORUM 2019 / A.I. & BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT […]

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