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AI and Sustainability

AI and Sustainability How can AI contribute to our world, society or environment? With global technological changes on such a large scale, beneficial changes and innovations can be seen throughout many sectors. Today we will focus on sustainability, and how AI can help us reach different sustainable development goals and build a world which is […]

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AI and education

AI and education What are the educational components of preparing future generations properly for the widespread use and implementation of AI? Are we on the right path considering the way kids are currently taught or prepared? Are our current education systems actually preparing for the right skills? Current situation It’s hard to discuss the “common” […]

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An AI story: from sorting croissants to fighting cancer

An AI story: from sorting croissants to fighting cancer What’s the difference between fresh bakery products and cancer cells? Apparently, not much. This is a story of how the same pastry AI which was used to differentiate croissants from strudels and pretzels turned out to be capable of helping with cancer research.  The origins of […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Dubai

Artificial Intelligence in Dubai Which industries can AI be used for in a developed city? What are some uses that already exist and which we could never have imagined before? Let’s explore some interesting uses of AI in a city which has integrated it into many businesses and public services – Dubai.  Advancement and adaptation […]

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Supervised and unsupervised machine learning

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning Let’s go back to the topic of machine learning. We’ve talked about deep learning and reinforcement learning before, but there are other distinctions which can be made within machine learning and which are also very relevant. On the aspect of how the task in question is done, there is a […]

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AI and business environment

AI and business environment Artificial intelligence has so far helped humans advance many processes and upgrade various different technologies, making a lot of things more efficient. AI was first adopted in high-tech companies and fields, but it is now spreading and changing our business environment in many ways and across different sectors. We need to […]

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Self-driving vehicles: an ethical dilemma

Self-driving vehicles: an ethical dilemma A speeding vehicle is driving down the road. A young child runs into the road. The driver has a quick decision to make – hit the brakes hard and swerve to avoid the child and risk your own life and safety, or risk the life of that child on the […]

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How to be a leader for growth according to Judith Eberl

How to be a leader for growth according to Judith Eberl Leading a business is tightly connected to leading yourself and leading people. As a business leader you need to have a vision, think strategically, evaluate risks and drive performance. But you cannot grow the business if you are not able to manage yourself and […]

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The different ways that AI can learn

The different ways that AI can learn Learning seems to be an important aspect of many AI technologies, but not all AI can learn. There are some computers considered as AI which have been pre-programmed with all the behaviors they have, with no ability to learn or do anything else, and then there are some […]

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ANI, AGI and ASI – what do they mean?

ANI, AGI and ASI – what do they mean? When talking about artificial intelligence, there are many perspectives and understandings of what AI is and what it encompasses. We relate to AI terms like algorithms, machine learning, language processing, deep learning, robots and many other aspects. AI is a wide range of different technologies. Today […]

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