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Can artificial intelligence have emotions

Can artificial intelligence have emotions? Emotions are something we think of as inherently human. Our ability to feel both immense joy and deep sadness, but also anger, jealousy, pride, and many other complicated emotions often governs our decision-making. Humans and emotions Humans are rational beings. We are able to think and evaluate different viewpoints and […]

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Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence? Artificial intelligence has helped advance many jobs and processes, with its ability to learn and improve, but will it ever reach the level where it is able to replace human intelligence, and what would this mean for us?​ The development of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation […]

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AI Applications - News JuPantaRhei

AI Applications AI is already present and applied in multiple fields, industries and businesses. During the Executive Forum in Lugano participants touched upon a few areas and discussed how AI can support humans in a collaborative manner. EXECUTIVE FORUM 2019 / A.I. & BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT / LUGANO KEYINSIGHTS #4 A FEW EXAMPLES OF A.I. CURRENT […]

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