How can we drive team performance leveraging on diversity?

In a context of continuous change, JuPantaRhei’s Team Performance Program helps teams to transit efficiently through change in order to operate more cohesively and effectively to achieve organisational goals.

We design, develop and deliver customised group learning workshops and team development interventions.

The aim of these team workshops are to develop high performing teams through:

  • Raising awareness of team dynamics, building on already existing strengths;
  • Exploring the value of diversity within the team;
  • Providing a platform of open and direct communication;
  • Exploring creativity;
  • Discussing and experimenting features of virtual teams.

These aims are achieved through the use of team building experiences, diagnostic behavioural tools and reflective approaches.

Below some of our offerings.

MBTI Team Dynamics

How can we improve the communication, decision-making and conflict management of our group?

This workshop starts from raising awareness about our own personalities and how we can leverage on diversities to improve teamwork.

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Forces of Change

How do changes affect the way work is done today and in the future?

This workshop helps teams make sense of the external changes that matter and how they impact their functions and roles.

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Effective Communication

How do we make sure we bring our messages across and how do we make sure that we really understand our counterparts?

During this workshop participants get practical tips on how to improve communication, actively listen and provide feedback.          

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