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Living & Leading with
Artificial Intelligence

Are you curious to learn more about Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence impacts us at individual, organisational and societal levels.
YOU & AI is designed to provide you with new insights and give you an understanding of what AI is and how you can use it to your advantage!

AI is one of the biggest technology revolutions the world has ever seen and it affects our lives from various perspectives. It influences our business environment and the way we make decisions, alongside new dilemmas which emerge because of its existence.

You & AI is a digital and virtual program aimed at creating an enriching and reflective experience.


Living & Leading with Artificial Intelligence - An Introduction

What is AI and how is it potentially or already changing us, our business, and our world?

In this introductory session we begin to reflect on the impact AI has and ignite your curiosity to explore what you KNOW that you don’t know, but also the things you DON’T KNOW that you don’t know.

AI & Business Environment

How is AI changing our business and social environment?

This program focuses on how AI is changing our business environment. You will explore what AI is and how it is applied and reflect on the impact AI has at societal, organisational and individual level.

AI & Decision Making

How does AI change our decision-making processes?

Human decision-making is already a mystery. How is AI making decisions and how is the interaction between humans and AI shaping the way we make decisions? You will explore what AI technologies are capable of and how these can be deployed to support, enable or completely modify decision-making processes.

AI & Dilemmas

What are the big new dilemmas that AI brings?

New dilemmas, often ethical dilemmas, arise as a consequence of introducing AI inside organisations and in society. In this program you will explore what those dilemmas are and how you can reconcile them.

Judith Eberl - JuPantaRhei - YOU & AI
Judith Eberl

Judith is passionate about helping individuals in organisations to equip themselves in the light of future evolutions. Her areas of expertise are Leadership development, team performance and coaching.

Adrijana fotka web
Adrijana Strnad

Two passions connect in her work: passion for business and passion for people, partnering in the quest to expand the boundaries of what teams can achieve together, in collaboration.

Damian Fearns

Real change happens when you face a challenge, get to know it, then move beyond it, packing the treasure into your bag as you journey on…